New York State has made it easier to vote from home. The easiest and safest way to get an absentee ballot is to request one online. The process is quick and simple: it takes less than a minute to request a ballot, and once you’ve received your ballot, it takes just a few more minutes to fill it out and send it in!

To Request a Ballot

  1. Go to
  2. Fill out the form with your information. You will then be able to choose the address where your ballot will be mailed. The form asks why you’re applying for an absentee ballot – note that the potential to contract COVID-19 is now a valid reason for any New Yorker to request an absentee ballot. So, most people should choose “Temporary illness or physical disability (including affected/potential of COVID19)” as their reason for requesting a temporary ballot. 
  3. Submit your request and make sure you receive a confirmation email from the Board of Elections. If you have any issues, email or ask us for help! You can always email us at
  4. In order to vote in the Democratic primary, you must mail in your application no later than June 16th! You may apply for a ballot in-person up until June 22nd.



Once You Receive You Ballot

  1. Fill out the ballot.
  2. Use the envelope that arrived with your ballot to mail it back to the Board of Elections. To make sure your vote is counted for the June 23rd primary, you must send your ballot in no later than June 22nd. If you choose to deliver your ballot to the Board of Elections in person, you must deliver it no later than June 23rd.



You Can Also Vote In Person

While voting with an absentee ballot is safer, it is also possible for you to vote in-person. Polls will be open on Tuesday, June 23. Early voting is also scheduled to take place from Saturday, June 13 – Sunday, June 21, though polling sites have yet to be determined. You can find your June 23 polling place here


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