On the Issues

The following section lays out the concrete policies and laws that Jabari will help fight for when elected to the New York State Senate.

Decarcerate New York

We need to divest from our brutal and violent carceral system and turn toward restorative practices that actually reduce crime and promote public safety.


I’m a renter in the district and have spent years fighting for tenant protections.


I’m a public school teacher who sees firsthand how our state fails to provide adequate resources for our children, academically and emotionally.


I traveled to Standing Rock in 2016 to support the Water Protectors. I believe we need to act quickly to avoid climate catastrophe.

Criminal justice

There is so much work to do to combat the overpolicing of black and brown residents of New York City.


Healthcare is a human right and insurance companies should not be profiting from sick people.

Fair Elections

As a working-class candidate, I know how hard it is to run against the establishment.

Animal Rights

As a vegan and passionate champion for animal rights, I pledge to be a leader on animal protection as your State Senator.