On the Issues

Children & Families

As the chair of the Children & Families Committee, I am dedicated to making New York a more just state for all of our residents.


High-quality housing is a human right, and I will fight tooth and nail to ensure that right for all New Yorkers.

Public Safety

Fundamentally, my philosophy towards public safety is guided by the principle that the way we make neighborhoods safer is by providing people with housing, stable jobs, health care, child care, and well-funded schools.


Our healthcare system should promote dignity for all and be a centerpiece of our vision for an economy that runs for the many, not the few.


As a former public school teacher, I have seen firsthand the potential of our public schools—a quality education can tremendously impact young peoples’ lives.


I will fight to protect and expand the power of unions, make it easier for workers to organize their workplaces, and extend labor protections to all workers regardless of union status.

Climate & Energy

We are facing a global climate emergency, and we must act quickly and decisively to avoid catastrophe. For New York to do its part in the fight for climate justice, the State must fully divest from fossil fuels and enact a state-level Green New Deal. 


New Yorkers rely on public transportation every day, but our current transit system does not work well for millions of working-class people. New York has the infrastructure to be a leader in creating a truly great transit system.


I believe in creating a New York that includes all of its residents and neighbors, regardless of country of origin or citizenship status.

Economic Justice

It is our moral duty to fight inequality in New York State, by closing tax loopholes, ending tax breaks for billionaires and corporations, and implementing a truly progressive tax code in New York State.


One reason our society is so deeply unequal is because corporations and the uber-rich have worked relentlessly to shape the political terrain to their benefit.


New York can again be a blueprint for other states by passing vital protections for our LGBTQI+ communities, helping realize a future of acceptance, unity, respect, equality, and diversity in our state.

Animal Rights

As a vegan and animal rights advocate for many years, I believe that all living creatures are deserving of certain rights, dignity, and protection by the law.