Meet Jabari

Jabari Brisport is running for New York State’s senate in District 25. Jabari is a third generation Carribean-American resident of Brooklyn. Born in Bed-Stuy and raised in Prospect Heights, Jabari has witnessed firsthand his community’s struggles with rapid gentrification, lack of investment in public schools, over policing, and the systemic racism that underlies all of these issues. Jabari’s experiences as a queer, black, public school teacher, and as a proud socialist, union member, and child of an immigrant, have shaped his drive to make his community and all New York communities more just and equitable.

Jabari has dedicated his life to working with and for his neighbors as both an activist and educator. As a public school teacher, Jabari observed firsthand how social inequities play out in the classroom, from funding cuts and privatization, to inequitable allocation of resources, to the militarization of schools. As a union member and a child of two union members, Jabari recognizes that good union jobs have tremendous potential to secure significant improvements in quality of life. Jabari views the labor market as deeply unfair to working people and is committed to standing in solidarity with labor. As an activist, Jabari has organized his neighbors to push for progressive legislation, including hard-fought wins in marriage equality and tenant protections. Jabari has a record of protesting alongside workers in many struggles, including Verizon workers in 2016, B&H workers in 2017, New School cafeteria workers in 2018, and IBEW Local 3 workers in 2019. Jabari opposed Amazon HQ2 and will continue to oppose backroom deals created without any community input, especially those that are accompanied by billions of dollars in corporate giveaways.

In 2017, Jabari ran for City Council in District 35 as an independent candidate. In a tough race against a strong incumbent, Jabari was able to build name recognition and garner roughly 30% of the vote, which was the best finish for a nonmajor party candidate in over a decade. Today, Jabari is running for office again because he still has not seen the deep and systemic changes that we urgently need.

Jabari is running for office to fight for his community in Albany. Jabari’s vision is a transparent and responsive government that serves all people. As a progressive, Jabari rejects the idea that we cannot afford programs that provide for working people and the most vulnerable in our community. New York’s social services, schools, infrastructure, and public housing stock are in desperate need of funds, and Jabari is committed to building support for the revenue that will meet those needs. He will advocate for divestment from fossil fuels and the establishment of a local Green New Deal that invests in green infrastructure and sustainable housing. He will work to ensure a just transition that utilizes union labor and prioritizes traditionally marginalized groups.

As an elected representative, Jabari will remain a movement builder and stay connected to community activists, mobilizing constituents in canvassing efforts to push for issue-based legislation. Jabari views his campaign as intertwined with critical organizing around community-based mutual aid and census participation, as well as broader struggles for justice. Jabari will fight to provide a home for every New Yorker, to guarantee quality healthcare to all, to invest in public schools, to empower workers, to tackle the global climate crisis, and to create a world where Black Lives Matter. 


Jabari is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. His campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.

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