I’m a renter in the district and have spent years fighting for tenant protections. The influence of the landlord lobby and the commodification of housing are responsible for the housing crisis in New York State, which is why I’m not taking any real estate donations. As a state senator, I will fight to:

  • Fully fund NYCHA and redirect public subsidies from for-profit to non-profit housing developers.
  • Build on the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 to pass good-cause eviction and eliminate MCIs
  • Increase support for democratically controlled housing on community land trusts, and taxes on speculation that can be used to fund the creation of truly affordable housing.
  • Fight against deed theft and other predatory schemes that displace people from their homes
  • Create more opportunities for tenants to collectively purchase and run their buildings, and make sure we hold landlords accountable



Jabari is rejecting ALL corporate donations and developer dollars. His campaign is sustained by grassroots donors like you.